DS Medical Catalogues

DS Medical are pleased to make their new electronic catalogues available for download. 

The DS Medical catalogue is a complete listing of all the emergency consumables and equipment supplied by DS Medical.  It is ideal for ambulance services, police forces, fire and rescue services, hospitals, GP practices, care homes, dental practices, schools and colleges, and a range of allied services like search and rescue.

The DS Medical Electronic Catalogue features fully colour coded sections for quick reference and access, as well as a full table of contents, product codes, and descriptions of all our products.  Our catalogue range includes leading brand names like American Diagnostics Company (ADC), Clinell, Prestan, Intersurgical, Water-jel, Burnshield, 5.11 Tactical, StatPacks, Steroplast, Ben Nye, and many more!

Now also available is our Emergency Response Products brochure that offers a range of equipment suitable for paramedics and other emergency personnel. Please see below.

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Download the Catalogue

Download the complete DS Medical catalogue

You can download the DS Medical Catalogue by clicking on the catalogue image or by using the link below:

Download the latest version of the DS Medical electronic catalogue (18MB).

If you just want to download a specific section, you can do so by clicking on the links below.

Download by section

To download a specific section, just click on the section links below.

First Aid (4.4MB)

Treatment (3.8MB)

Diagnostics (3.6MB)

Patient Handling (3.1MB)

Bags & Pouches (3.2MB)

Personal Equipment (2.2MB)

Clothing (1.8MB)

Training (2.4MB)

Catalogue Index (1.7Mb)

Current catalogue version

V 2019.1.1 - March 2019

Download the complete Emergency Response Products brochure

You can download the brochure by clicking on the image or by using the link below:

Download the latest version of the Emergency Response Products brochure here.