Supporting NHS Trusts with patient safety – DS Medical now GS1 capable

Improving patient safety in NHS hospital and ambulance trusts is a key goal for any discerning management team and a marker for government.  The cost of medical negligence to NHS trusts in 2014/15 was over a staggering £1 billion.

Trusts are under persistent pressure to make greater cost savings, at the same time as managing ever-increasing demand and most importantly, driving up standards of patient safety and care.

Every day the NHS uses thousands of medical consumables and items of equipment, from a range of manufacturers, distributed across a wide network of suppliers.  Managing supplies is a huge challenge for procurement teams and trusts alike.  There is however a solution for safely managing medical consumables and equipment – GS1 standards.

DS Medical is pleased to announce that it is now operating a GS1 standards compliant stock management system which will help our customers deliver increased patient safety within the NHS.  Our system provides full batch and expiry traceability from the point of our receipt through to our supply to you.  This ensures you remain in control of your stock; we can easily update you on any product recalls; and that together we can all ensure patient safety is enhanced.

In a further development, DS Medical has been awarded NHS Procurement Framework status, recognising our ability to meet the exacting standards required of a supplier to the NHS.  This exciting development ensures NHS hospital and ambulance trusts throughout the UK can continue to purchase from us and access our complete product range.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation improve patient safety with our GS1 compliant system or how we can support you with medical consumable and equipment supply then please contact Richard or Jason now on 01329 311451.

You can view our product range on the DS Medical website.

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