Promote High Standards of Medical Education with Quality Training Equipment

It is vital that you are confident in your medical equipment whether you are teaching or learning. At DS Medical we stock an extensive range of medical training materials to suit all medical purposes, from training manikins to training books – we have you covered! 

Our range ensures that you are able to learn or teach the basics of emergency medical care and enhance your training.

Read our basic medical guides and discover more information in our Education Zone!

Medical Training, Education and Casualty Simulation…

Training Manikins

If you are looking to provide the greatest learning experience, having access to training manikins is crucial. They offer the most efficient, realistic and real-life experience to help practice CPR. Our selection of training manikins are suitable for a range of services including emergency and rescue services, GP practices, dental surgeries and schools.

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Medical Education

In order to consolidate or enhance your knowledge whilst training or learning it is important to have access to quality, accredited materials such as medical education books. At DS Medical we stock a range of books including “Anatomy & Physiology” right through to the popular “First Aid Manual” published by the three UK leading voluntary first aid training societies – we are sure to have the right materials help you.

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Casualty Simulation

The key to successful medical training and education is realism. This ensures that whilst both learning and teaching you can experience first aid training that is as close to real life as possible. This helps learners develop awareness of the physical appearance of potential injuries that they can be expected to deal with – decreasing the potential shock for them when dealing with the real thing in an emergency.

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More Information…

Basic medical equipment can help to save lives, therefore it is vital that you have quality and realistic equipment and training materials to use, should an emergency situation arise. If you would like to find out more information about our training materials or medical equipment, please contact us on 01329 311451 or email

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