5 Benefits of the i-gel® Supraglottic Airway Management Device

i-gel Supraglottic Airways at DS Medical

Anticipating and recognising respiratory decompensation are the first steps in emergency airway management. Medical professionals must be familiar with the indications, techniques and the best equipment to use for airway intervention and how to manage a difficult airway.

The development of the i-gel® supraglottic airway (i-gel® SGA) has revolutionised the way airway management can be approached and the effectiveness of treatment. The i-gel® represents a significant development since the original laryngeal mask airway (LMA).

DS Medical have put together the top 5 benefits of the i-gel® Supraglottic Airway Management Device.


As the name suggests, the i-gel® is made from an innovative soft, gel-like material which has replaced the old-style inflatable cuff found on laryngeal mask airways. The design makes insertion easier and helps maintain a constant level of reliability, as once inserted, the risk of movement is minimal.

The smooth design means medical professionals can easily insert the airway, without needing to put their fingers into the patient’s mouth.  The device also requires minimal initial training.


The i-gel® supraglottic airway can be used in routine and emergency anaesthetics, during resuscitation, intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV) and a range of additional airway management situations during pre-hospital care and within hospitals.

Prominent weight indicators and colour coding allow for quick reference in time critical situations, with proficient users able to correctly insert the i-gel® airway in less than 5 seconds. The newer i-gel® supraglottic resus pack includes everything you will need to start a successful resuscitation attempt, including a hook ring, airway support strap, sachet of lubricant, and 12F suction tube.


Design developments found in this advanced airway equipment help protect the airway during CPR and ensures that ventilations don’t cause potentially dangerous secondary effects. Compression and displacement traumas are also significantly reduced, potentially eliminated altogether.

Position guides on the front of the i-gel® have been added to indicate the optimum insertion depth required for safe patient airway intervention. The single use, latex and PVC free airway device is a great solution in emergency situations and eliminates the need for sterilisation of the i-gel.®.

Natural Fit

The i-gel® is inspired by the physiology of the perilaryngeal framework and the shape, softness and contours mirror the natural anatomy of the human body to create the perfect fit for patients.  This natural fit helps minimise airway trauma and improve patient comfort.


When dealing with airway management, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. The shape and size of a patient’s airway can drastically vary depending on their age, weight and gender. Therefore, one SGA does not provide the best solution for all patients. The i-gel® is available in three adult sizes and four paediatric sizes to ensure a safe and secure fit for patients in need of airway intervention. With the capacity to treat patients between 2-90kg, the i-gel® airway system is a highly versatile option for medical professionals.

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