Choosing the best mask for oxygen administration

The overall goal of oxygen therapy is to maintain adequate tissue oxygenation, while minimising the workload for the heart and lungs. The design of a mask can have a significant influence on the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the patient.

Selecting the best oxygen administration mask depends on several factors. Design plays an important role in selecting the most suitable device, although clinical assessment and performance needs will ultimately decide what mask should be used.


Non – Rebreather Masks

For patients who require sustained high-concentration oxygen therapy a non-rebreather mask is most suitable, providing the patient with valuable oxygen administration. The Intersurgical Non Rebreather Mask features a soft, thermoplastic face seal to ensure greater patient comfort. It is part of the innovative EcoLite design and is available in both adult and child sizes. The non-rebreather mask has a curved nose seal designed to prevent oxygen entering the patient’s eyes and eliminates the need for a separate metal nose clip, making the product MRI compatible.

When a visible indicator of a patients respiratory rate is needed, such as in a critical care setting, the Respi-Check Non Rebreather Mask is ideal with its visible red indicator located on the mask.

Nebuliser Masks

For patients who are experiencing breathing difficulties and are in urgent need of medication, for example in the case of an asthma attack, a nebuliser converts a drug solution into a fine mist spray, which is then mixed with oxygen or air and inhaled by the patient.

The Intersurgical ECO Nebuliser Mask provides a comfortable and effective solution for patients needing nebulised therapy, either self-administered with a nebuliser machine or by ambulance personnel responding to emergency calls.

Recent design developments, such as reducing their size and noise, make nebulisers a practical solution for patients needing extra breathing assistance at home.

Venturi Masks

By utilising the latest technologies to create their EcoLite design, Intersurgical have combined two materials to deliver a lightweight mask with good visibility and softer outer seal. This provides a comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes and minimises the inflow of ambient air.

For patients needing controlled oxygen therapy and a high oxygen flow, the Intersurgical 60% Venturi Mask provides a precise fit for optimal efficiency. Venturi Masks deliver a precise amount of oxygen, making them ideal for patients experiencing chronic or acute respiratory distress.

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