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Rocksnake mountain gear 23/03/2020

Rocksnake – Exclusive UK Release

Introducing Rocksnake! New to the UK and exclusive to DS Medical, we’re thrilled to welcome this fantastic brand to our extensive product list. At DS Medical we provide high-quality equipment for professionals working in the pre-hospital sector. Emergency response teams (EMTs) and those working on rescue operations face dangerous environments on a daily basis; which is why we aim to constantly provide products that will keep both the medic and patient safe. Rocksnake is a highly trusted manufacturer of emergency first aid kits, mountain rescue, and air ambulance equipment. Using... Read More

professional medical equipment 15/11/2018

Christmas 2018 – Gift Ideas for Medical Professionals

Now the clocks have gone back and winter has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and finding the perfect gift for those loved ones in the medical profession. Here at DS Medical, we have a wide range of medical supplies to suit the needs of medical professionals. Take a look below at our Top 5 Christmas Gifts to help you find the perfect present to pop in a stocking or under the tree! 1. ADC Penlight  A diagnostic penlight is essential for any medical professional and we have... Read More

Catastrophic Haemorrhage 08/10/2018

Controlling catastrophic haemorrhage caused by major trauma

Uncontrolled haemorrhage is one of the leading causes of death following injury. In the pre-hospital sector, it is important to have immediate and reliable equipment available to control an external catastrophic haemorrhage before hospital treatment can be provided. Identification of any catastrophic haemorrhage must be performed as part of the initial assessment to quickly decide the best course of action. The immediate priority is to localise the site of external bleeding by providing compression in an attempt to gain control and stem the bleed. If left untreated, the bleed will... Read More

adc adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope 28/08/2018

Maintaining your Stethoscope

Keeping your stethoscope clean and in good condition is essential for any medical practitioner. Not taking the time to look after your stethoscope can result in it not working properly and the possibility of putting patients at risk. Maintaining you stethoscope is a priority to extend its life and keep it functioning correctly. A binaural stethoscope is made up of eartips, binaural pieces, flexible tubing, a stem, and a chestpiece – each component needs looking after correctly to ensure the stethoscope performs to a high standard, giving accurate results every... Read More

disposable head block 27/07/2018

Disposable Head Blocks for Casualty Immobilisation

When treating a casualty in any emergency situation it is vital that they are moved with care, in such a way that will not worsen any sustained injuries. If the patient has suffered head and/or neck injuries it is important the head is stabilised and kept in the correct position, especially during transport to hospital. Head blocks can provide assistance, supplying firm control of the head whilst helping to maintain proper cervical spine alignment – vital in a life saving situation and a must for any medical immobilisation equipment. Head... Read More

DS Medical Response Bag 30/05/2018

Response Bags For Every Situation

When responding to a medical emergency, it is vital that all of the necessary equipment is easily accessible in order to be able to deliver effective treatment. Without somewhere to put all your medical supplies, you may end up wasting time trying to find the equipment you need. Organisation is crucial and if you’re not organised, you won’t be as effective as you could or should be. Here at DS Medical, we stock bags and pouches made only by brands that we trust completely, such as 5.11 Tactical, Thomas, StatPacks... Read More