Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries

The pre-hospital sector can often be unpredictable and even dangerous at times. Slips and falls are one of the main causes of physical injuries, which is why safety should always be a number one priority – especially when handling patients.

At DS Medical we have a wide variety of durable patient handling equipment that ensure both the medical professional and patient, is kept safe and secure.

Bari-Kit Lifting Belt

The Promove Bari-Kit Lifting Belt comes with handles and is ideal for patient lifting and carrying.

Made from a durable, soft and padded material, this 1m long piece of equipment allows one or two operatives to safely and effectively lift and carry a patient.

BS Bari-Kit Handles and Bag

Avoid potential hazards by equipping yourself with the Bari-Kit Handles and Bag. This equipment can handle up to 63 stone (400kg) and comes in a Bariatric Sling (BS), as well as a wider Super Bariatric Sling (SBS).  

This lightweight bag is ideal for safely moving patients without causing discomfort or risking the health of both the medical professional and the patient.

Patient Handling Kit

All first responders and medical professionals should be equipped with a full patient handling kit.

The GB UK Healthcare Patient Handling Kit is one of the most comprehensive pieces of safe patient handling equipment.

Consisting of:

  • Transferable turntable
  • Transfer belt
  • Tubular glide sheet
  • Banana board
  • Carry case

Owning this kit will ensure that any medical professional is appropriately equipped with the ideal solutions for the safe and effective movement of patients.

Evacuation and Transfer Sling

Avoid catastrophic slips and falls with the Promove Evacuation and Transfer Sling; a piece of equipment that has revolutionised safe patient handling.

Portable and lightweight, this unique design allows medical professionals to lift and move an injured patient from a confined space.

It comes with an attachable hoist and is suitable for use on adults up to 45 stone (285kg, or 2.8 English rugby players). The device can be easily placed around an individual to create a seat with lifting points on four corners.

2-8 operatives can control the movement of the patient, spreading the load to reduce potential injuries to both parties.

Avoid Slip Ups

The winter weather will always increase the risk of accidents, that’s why we recommend staying prepared so you can avoid hazards and resolve any issues should they arise.

Discover our full safety and patient handling range, get in touch today on 01329 311451 or email us at info@dsmedical.co.uk.

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