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Non Rebreather Masks


A single-use, high concentration mask, also known as 'partial' and 'non rebreathing masks' available for adults and children.

This non rebreather mask includes the latest innovative EcoLite design.  The core features are:

  • Soft, thermoplastic elastomeric, face seal ensures a greater level of patient comfort.
  • Incurved nose seal designed to prevent oxygen entering the patient’s eyes and eliminates the need for a separate metal
  • nose clip making the product MRI compatible.
  • Unique nose seal is designed to equalise the pressure exerted on the nose as the seal conforms to differing nose shapes.
  • Designed to provide an improved seal on the patient’s face, which in turn, results in higher oxygen concentrations as less ambient air enters the mask.
  • Retaining elastic can be fitted either above or below the patient’s ears depending on the patient’s face shape. In the 'below ear' position it eliminates the discomfort and longer term trauma created by elastic to the top of the patient’s ears.
  • Choice of 'under chin' or 'on-chin' positions provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face shapes.
  • Low resistance safety valves allow the patient to breathe room air should the oxygen supply fail or be inadequate to meet peak flow requirements.
  • Mask body is a clear material, permitting visualisation of the patient’s nose and lips.

This mask can provide concentrations of oxygen up to 80% at flows of 10-15 l/min (values are approximate and depend on the patient's breathing pattern).

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